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About Surakarta

Surakarta, or Solo, as it is better known, is the older of the two royal capitals of Central Java. Together with Yogyakarta, it was the heart of ancient Javanese kingdoms, home to two royal houses. Regarded as the cradle of Javanese culture, Solo’s traditional court society is considered the most sophisticated in all of Java; the embodiment of elegance and refinement, more graceful, more eloquent. Till today, royal festivals and ritual ceremonies are still held with great pomp and majesty and witnessing these customs and traditions is one of the most captivating things to do in Solo, Indonesia.

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Along its leafy streets, explore the city’s rich history preserved in two beautiful royal palaces, and in a vibrant heritage of arts and culture, particularly batik arts that are hailed as the best in the region. Today, Solo is one the fastest developing economic centres of Indonesia, presenting a city of fascinating contrasts, combining the charm of a small city with the ambitions of a metropolis, and centuries-old heritage buildings alongside gleaming paragons of modernity - which only adds to its enduring allure.

Alila Experience

The destination is at the heart of The Alila Experience…and is yours to explore with the guidance of our Alila Leisure Concierge team. Enhance your holiday with lifestyle activities tailored to individual interests across five themes – Cultural Learning (love of history and artisanship), Conscious Living (wellness, environs and community), Active Spirits (outdoor sporting pursuits), Culinary Arts (cooking school and food trails) and Couple Celebration.